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Charnock City Enterprise – Best Multicuisine Restaurant

Charnock City Enterprise welcomes you to let you enjoy the city’s one-of-a-kind dining experience in its Multicuisine Restaurant. Charnock City Enterprise has been successfully pulling off the pleasure to its customer by great multi-ethnic, finger-licking and lip-smacking foods. Embarking on the journey only with Charnock’s, Salt Lake in the year 1998, the family has now grown to Silver Screen, Charnock’s Stop and Silver Screen Asia.

As ‘Good food in an excellent place’ being its motto, Charnock’s is waiting to charm you with finest delectable and mouth-watering courses in a soothing and homely ambiance. Although expertise in Bengali cuisines, all the restaurants of Charnock City Enterprise is being acknowledged for expertly-selected signature multi-ethnic dishes. Our Multicuisine Restaurant offers Mughlai, Chinese and Western dishes. Charnock’s has introduced the people of Kolkata with some of the majestic Bengali dishes. ‘Daab Chingri’ is probably the best of them. This Bengali marvel is born in nowhere but in the kitchen of Charnock’s. So if you are at Charnock’s, you must taste the authentic. Silver Screen,Tollygunj on the other hand is mostly expertise in authentic Tangra style Chinese dishes along with multi-ethnic fusion courses. Finger-licking Chicken items and north-eastern dishes is always been Silver Screen’s forte.

Impeccable Ambiance and Service:

Beyond its delectable offerings, Charnok’s pampers its guests with an ambiance that exudes sophistication and comfort. The restaurant’s tasteful decor, coupled with its warm and attentive staff, creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for every occasion. Whether it’s an intimate dinner, a family celebration, or a business meeting, Charnok’s Restaurant sets the stage for a memorable experience.

So, if you are looking for a place where you can relish an evening with your friends and family, Charnock City Enterprise restaurants are going to let you experience every bit of that right from the word bon appétit.